Effective practice management
was challenging.

Focus on people, not paperwork!


MHPOffice works both on the road, and at the office, enabling you to stay on top of your schedule!

Features you'll really love.

Here are some highlights of MHPOffice, the ultimate web based, practice management solution built just for mental health professionals. See all of the features...

Be The Scheduling Master...

Keep track of sessions, manage multiple office locations, and ensure availability. Your schedule can be viewed as an: Agenda, Overview, hourly by day or week, Monthly, and on the home page once you log in.

Solo practices and groups of over 20 have been able to reduce double-booking and scheduling errors, which raises your profitability and eliminates frustration!

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Client's File

Goodbye Paper Files...

...Hello organization. MHPOffice lets you store client information securely.

The client’s demographics, billing, appointments, insurance, and notes are all in one easy to use location. You can even upload paper documents or photos as part of their permanent record.

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What people say about us.

David Dickerson

"The more we use MHPOffice, the better it feels!"

John Patton

"MHPOffice is very user friendly and will end up making a lot of clinicians' lives much easier!"

Laura Hardman

"No more going to the filing cabinet to pull client files!"

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About Us

MHPOffice is a solution from MHPToolbox. We have been bringing tools and solutions to mental health professionals since 2010. Our growing platform was the brainchild of Marshall Anschutz and has grown with the input of counseling professionals around the world.