Incidence Response Plan

Last Updated: Monday, August 04, 2014

We believe that giving an overview of our incident response plan will help you understand how we place a priority on your protection.

Standing out as the first Practice Management Solution with a public promise to be as open as possible with our procedures, we hope that this will help us earn your trust as you choose a quality solution.

This overview doesn't cover every detail, as each situation is unique, and we have to balance security with openness.


We log every request to our servers, and monitor for patterns of potential system failure or abuse.

Multiple offsite backups are stored multiple times a day.


An internal dashboard is in place to notify employees of any issues, and will provide alerts via email.

In addition to automated monitoring, customers can open a support ticket or call us at 1-214.447.0257 to alert us to any suspicious behavior.


When any issue occurs, the MHPOffice team has 24/7 contracts with any outside vendors to begin resolving to as high a level as necessary.


For system failures, backup systems will be brought online. For any appearance of malicious behaviour, access will be denied immediately.


After immediate action, a plan will be made to resolve any weakness in MHPOffice, and the plan will be then put into action as a top priority.


In the rare event that an incident were to require notification, customers would be notified thru email or via phone. Additionally, we will comply with any HIPAA or HITECH notification procedures as necessary.


With the rapid changing pace of technology, we continue to review our procedures and systems to ensure that they take advantage of the latest tools that will ensure the safety, reliability, and accessability of your confidential information.

If you have any questions about our MHPOffice, or our Incidence Response Plan, feel free to contact us at: 1.214.447.0257, or via email