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Feature Overview

Scheduling Perfection

Keep track of sessions, manage multiple office locations, and ensure availability. Your schedule can be viewed as an: Agenda, Overview, hourly by day or week, Monthly, and on the home page once you log in.

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Electronic Notes

Hello organization. MHPOffice lets you store client information securely.

The client’s demographics, billing, appointments, insurance, and notes are all in one easy to use location. You can even upload paper documents or photos as part of their permanent record.

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MHPOffice provides a rich assortment of tools to manage your accounts. From our flexible invoicing and support of sliding scales, to the electronic claims module, we have simplified the whole checkout process.

We even support billing for missed sessions and other non-clinical resources.

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Reduce double-booking by 100%, increase revenue, and eliminate frustration!

Connect With Clients

Appointment Reminders

Email & SMS notifications for your clients will reduce no-shows.

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Print off their bill or whole payment history with the poweful billing engine in MHPOffice.

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Credit Cards

Bill your clients with our credit card processing for no additional monthly fee.

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MHPOffice is $25/mo per clinician.
Assistant accounts are FREE.

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