MHPOffice Features

Checkout Wizard

Bill clients faster with the simple Checkout Wizard

Easy to use

Clinicians and full-time receptionists need to effectively manage the check-out process efficiently.

Step 2: choose an appointment

We have simplified the checkout process to six easy steps:

  1. Choose a client
  2. Confirm appointment attendance
  3. Create the invoice
  4. Record any payments
  5. Schedule or confirm the next appointment
  6. Print a receipt

Step 2: choose an appointment

Track payments

When a client pays all or part of their balance, you can easily record it as part of their account.

MHPOffice allows both insurance and non-insurance workflows, and will even allow you to track check numbers for clients.

Done in 2 minutes

For most clients, you can be completely done with the checkout process, and they will have walked out of your office with a printed a statement.

Statement Of Payments And Charges

You are done checking out. Now, you can focus on your next client!