MHPOffice Features

Client Records

Take advantage of all of your client's information being in one place. From schedules to demographics, notes to billing, MHPOffice puts the information you need at your fingers.

Stay on time, even tracking missed appointments

Search faster

Clients can be found using similar technology to the popular search engines. The search results are displayed as you type, you don't even have to press enter!


All of the demographic information that you enter for a client will show up when you first view their file.

To save you time, MHPOffice hides any fields that you don't use on a client. For instance, if a client doesn't have insurance, or doesn't have a phone number, the page will show a simpler view that omits those fields.

The dozens of demographic fields that MHPOffice supports for each client are broken down into easy to understand groups.

Stay On Time

The dashboard shows you todays appointments, so you can stay on time.

You can even tracking missed appointments, so that you can follow up with chronically late clients.

The schedule is easy to edit, so that you won't ever miss an appointment again!

Power Users

An administrator or office manager can view all the appointments for group practices on their home page as well.

Notes & Uploads

MHPOffice has a powerful notes engine that can store virtually any record that you can create!

Electronic forms, session notes, and scanned PDF's can all be easily accessed and reported on from the client's file.

Discover more in our notes section.

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