MHPOffice Features

Credit Cards

Charge your clients inside MHPOffice

Many clients pay their copay with a credit card. You can easily process them from your computer of phone in MHPOffice.

Getting Started FAQ

We partnered with Braintree Payments, so you get some of the best rates in the industry.

Qualified customers can receive free processing for the first $50,000 of transactions. MHPOffice charges a 0.5% fee for typical transactions.

You can apply for a merchant account in MHPOffice Settings. If you have an account already, click here to get started.

Use Beyond MHPOffice

MHPOffice can do a wide variety of invoicing beyond simple sessions. However, if you need to use credit cards beyond what MHPOffice can provide, you can use your Braintree account outside of MHPOffice with all of the same benefits

Credit card processing made easy