MHPOffice Features


Be productive on the go with MHPOffice.

The MHPOffice EHR is optimized for smartphone and tablet devices. This gives you the capability to:

  • Reschedule appointments on your iPad
  • Look up client notes on your Android powered smartphone
  • Manage treatment plans from a Microsoft Surface
  • Keep track of your work schedule from an iPhone


MHPOffice adapts to each device that you have, providing an easy interface on cell phones, responsive on tablets, and powerful features on your Mac or PC.

MHPOffice is the best EHR built specifically for the health cloud. And the first to be so responsive to the needs of busy professionals.

Supported Devices

  • iPhone & iPad (iOS 7.0+)
  • Android phones & tablets (2.2+)
  • Windows phones & tablets (7 & 8)

Stay connected anywhere

MHPOffice gives you access to to the entire site from any internet capable device. Now, keep working efficiently no matter where you are.

All wireless connections and 3G or 4G mobile data plans allow you to work securely, as MHPOffice uses SSL encryption for all data. You can even work in hotels that require a sign on, as there is no way they can intercept your data.

Travel Lean

With MHPOffice mobile capabilities you can also reduce clutter.

Our handy To-Do list on the main page can replace those messy sticky notes. And, if you dislike filing cabinets as much as we do, avoid them by taking notes on your tablet during sessions and securely store them online for instant access anywhere.

Access your information from anywhere, any time