MHPOffice Features


Document sessions your way

Documentation is important

We know that you have specific needs for your client records. That is why MHPOffice allows you to use our Forms Engine to customize how you record your documentation.

Manage your notes

Unlike paper records that tend to fall out of the folder, MHPOffice allows you to find notes thru several easy searchable views.

Upload Files

In addition to filling out forms, you can upload virtually any file as part of a client's permanent record.

Auditing & Security

All notes have a completely versioned history that records who, when, and what changed. You can also lock or attach a digital signature to the note to ensure their validity.

What notes can I create?

MHPOffice can create from many different forms:
  • Intake forms
  • Session Notes
  • SOAP Session Notes
  • Homework Logs
  • Psychotherapy Notes
  • PDF Files
  • Photos
  • Other custom forms

Your practice is about people. Stay organized with MHPOffice.