MHPOffice Features


Powerful session management

Be On Time

MHPOffice manages sessions, and other appointments.

Each individual appointment can be marked as tennative or confirmed on creation. And after session, you can record that the client attended or was a no-show.

Important stuff first

Logging in to the dashboard shows you the day's agenda.

Details of each appointment including client name, counselor, office location, room, and duration are color coded for easy reference.

An administrator or office manager can also view the whole practice at a glance.

Never forget

Our flexible appointment scheduler captures important details for group and individual sessions.

Remind your clients with email and text reminders

  • Summary
  • Client or clients attending
  • Time and Duration
  • Office and room availability
  • Weekly and monthly recurrences

Instead of spending time scheduling each followup appointment, you can easily schedule an appointment weekly, or up to six weeks.

Mark Tentative or Confirmed to track the your client's scheduling confirmation.

Get some time off

Don’t need to book a session on your calendar but show you are out of the office or unavailable? Click create an appointment and mark the status as out of office.

Never overschedule again

Once of the greatest assets of the scheduling system is that it prevents double-booking of rooms or schedules. You can view the availability of a room in a group practice before scheduling as well as see a visual alert when a room is booked at the time when you are creating an appointment.

View calendars your way

Your schedule can be viewed in several formats:

  • Agenda
  • Overview, a daily list form
  • Hourly for a single day
  • Full Week, hourly for each day of the week
  • Monthly
  • On the home dashboard

MHPOffice is the leader in behavioral health session scheduling