MHPOffice Features

HIPAA Security Security First

Our 24/7 monitoring ensures your data is safe from prying eyes or disaster

We have built security best practices into every layer of MHPOffice.

More secure than paper

Acid-based paper yellows and fades over time, and old Word documents don't open after several years; but MHPOffice's standards based PDF and notes engines are guaranteed to be readable for the next 20+ years. That's longer than is required by any regulation!

Triple Locked

Replace the 3 lock rule of your file cabinet with our three layer security.

Our first layer is the passwords on your account. Second, we encrypt notes in the database. And third, all our staff is trained in the latest security best practices, ensuring you, your clients, and your data are safe.

Children are special

We have designed MHPOffice with special provisions for minors. On a child's records, you will see a note of their age, and how many years until they become an adult.

Minor's records need extended care, and that's why MHPOffice has committed to ensuring that their records can be accessible for up to 20 years, or as long as legally required.

Security checklist

  • HIPAA best practices
  • SSL encryption
  • Encrypted client database
  • Audited, restricted access to servers
  • Support staff training
  • 24/7 monitoring & intrusion protection
  • Current IRP on file to quickly address issues
  • FIPS140-2 or better encryption to the web browser
  • Daily monitoring of internet threats
  • 100% access loggging


All changes made in MHPOffice have a complete history log associated with them. This ensures that any unauthorized or accidental changes can be corrected.

Read an overview of our Incidence Response Plan for more on how we protect you.

Your practice is about people.
Keep their information safe with MHPOffice.