MHPOffice Features

Treatment Plans

Blueprints for treatment

Record client diagnosis, fill out a complete 5 Axis treatment plan, add treatment goals, and even your own sections, such as homework.

The multiaxial diagnosis

MHPOffice provides a comprehensive diagnosis chart enabling you to use any or all of the 5 axis.

Use all five, or pick which ones you need:

  • Clinical Syndromes
  • Developmental and Personality disorders
  • Physical Conditions
  • Severity of Psychosocial Stressors
  • A highest level of Functioning

Search the codes

When inputting information within the 5 axis, MHPOffice lets you search for any DSM IV code based on the name or the number. Save time and hassle by avoiding the DSM IV Manual and searching for the codes yourself. 1

GAF score range definitions

Another reason MHPOffice is your treatment plan! We offer a definitions for each range in the assessment of functioning to help you accurately assign scores to clients.

Set goals and more

Make sure each of your clients is staying on track in their treatment by setting goals within treatment plans.

MHPOffice also provides the option of customizing a client's treatment plan by creating new sections such as “homework”.

  1. MHPOffice allows you to record and manage diagnosis; however, the official DSM manual (available from the American Medical Association, ISBN: 978-0-89042-025-6) should be consulted for diagnosing or treating conditions.